Hydraulic cylinders – most common problems

Hydraulic cylinder is a key device for any construction machine, partly due to its nature – it is a mechanical part and its function is based on high pressure activity. Any damage to it may prove dangerous to the machine operators. Cylinder failure often entails significant cost to bear for the owner of the machine as well as the machine downtime which results in financial loss. Therefore, you need to see to its full operability. However, if any damage is inflicted, it may be recognised by analysis the following symptoms.

Cylinder generates strange noises.

If the cylinder operates too loud or generates strange noises, it may indicate a few problems. First, you should check the filter – it may be excessively contaminated. Apart from that, it may prove worthy to analyse cylinder against any leakage. Replacement or filling up hydraulic fluid as well as visual check of the system may help as well – such visual check should detect any leakage allowing air into the cylinder.

Cylinder generates excessive heat.

In this case we advise to check the filters – just as in case of strange or excessive noises. If the filters are visibly dirty, they should be replaced, and the oil tank should be thoroughly cleaned. Furthermore, worn gaskets or bearings may cause excessive heating of the cylinder as well. For the purpose of bearing maintenance, you should provide its proper lubrication, including application of high-quality hydraulic fluid.

If there is any failure which cannot be remedied contact us  – we will provide you with high-quality parts for the lowest price in the market, such as leak stoppers, piston rods, bearings, and complete cylinders for construction machinery manufactured by Volvo, Caterpillar, Hitachi or Komatsu.

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