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siłowniki hydrauliczne

House Machinery Parts offers hydraulic cylinders for any model of machinery manufactured by:

  • Caterpillar,
  • Volvo,
  • Komatsu,
  • Hitachi.

All hydraulic cylinders are supplied by renowned manufacturers. This warrants their highest quality, performance, and reliability, and also the lowest prices in the market.

All our cylinders are certified and attested.

We grant one-year warranty for all cylinders.

You will find full range of cylinders in this folder.

In case of any doubts which cylinder to purchase – please, contact us. We will find a proper one. Our vast experience allows us to advise any customer.

For your convenience, we organise a whole order process, including delivery of parts to indicated address. Please note we deliver parts to any place in Europe, Africa, and South America.

Wide range of products enables us to act flexibly and customise all contracts.. Obviously, it means that estimated price and contract performance date may differ for each customer. Detailed terms of contract performance are specified in “General Terms of Sale”.

We provide good payment terms and attractive discounts to loyal customers.

We are ready to perform contracts for companies all over the world – whether from Poland, Europe, Africa or South America.

House Machinery Parts – the power of experience