About us

Reliable supplier, helpful advisor and partner


House Machinery Parts is a company boasting many years of experience in machinery used for construction, civil works, transport etc. We sell products and provide advisory services.

We have cooperated with many manufacturers of machinery parts for years. It enables us to provide the customers with brand-new cylinders irectly from the manufacturing plant. As a result, we have – the lowest prices in the market!

However, we are not a mere distributor which routinely hands over parts from the manufacturing plant to the customer. Crucially, we are a partner for our customers – we help to select parts, we advise, and we assist whenever required. We need but one word, and our experience and knowledge of the market will transform to actual advice resulting with improved and well-adjusted application of your construction machinery.

What does it mean??

To be concise: you will be able to perform your orders and contracts more precisely, more effectively, and faster – without any downtime and delays resulting from failure or low efficiency of your machines.

Our offer is for any company using machines which:

  • dig,
  • carry,
  • construct,
  • demolish,
  • excavate and
  • transport

anything which is too heavy for human. Such operations require reliable machines. Such machines equipped with perfectly fitted hydraulic cylinders are the most user-friendly which entails improved precision and general effectiveness.

You may also need other parts for construction machines. We distribute turbocompressors, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumps, reductions, and many other component required for correct performance of excavators, bulldozers, dump trucks or loaders. Visit our website czescivolvo.com.pl and check how we may help your company!

House Machinery Parts has:

  • excellent high-quality cylinders;
  • wide in-depth knowledge;
  • attractive customised offer.

We know what your machines need Contact us!

House Machinery Parts – the power of experience